Saturday, 23 June 2012

Frape for Dummies

Since the iPhone generation there is nothing sweeter than fraping your friends, unaware of what frape is? Then wise up dummy it's 2012.... it's when you have a brief moment when you friend has left the room, his/her phone is on the coffee table and you have an unspecified amount of time to do something mean. i.e. making them come out the closet on their Facebook status, announcing they're having a baby on twitter or texting their uncle thanking them for the character building molestation....

However I feel like we are running out of ideas. NOT ANYMORE. The sweetest glory is now to let the subject frape themselves, simply learn the following steps so you can conduct this masterpiece as quick as you're dips-shit friend can take a piss....

Step one: Go into "settings" and click "General"

Step two: Click "Keyboard"

Step three: Scroll down and select "Add new shortcut..."

Step four: In "phrase" type something inappropriate and in "Shortcut" put something they text regularly

Step five: Laugh at them when this happens

Here is one I made earlier.....


They don't always have to love cock, I was just being generic. You can have all kinds of fun by changing "LOL" to "I hope your dog gets ran over" or even changing "haha" to "Nigger" do what you like but make sure you tell me all about it on twitter via @kaihumphries

Have fun and YOU'RE WELCOME