Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mother Ducker

I rarely pen my complaints but see below my strongly worded letter to the Sky Channel, Disney Jr.

F.A.O Walt

I was sat watching Disney Jr+ today with my Nephew, Logan, who is 2.5 years of age. We were initially watching Little Einstein's because I love the way the programme negates a childs need for numeracy and basic literacy skills, skipping straight to higher status curriculum such as classical music and fine art. I'm sure this will equip Logan with the knowledge he requires to fit into preschool next year and for that I'm grateful.

However once this programme finished we left Disney Jr+ on and watched "Mickey Mouse Club House" it's the first time we've seen this show and we both started watching with an air of apprehension, but we were warming to the characters, in particular the mouse called Michael who appears to be the star of the show. He's very warm and friendly and will no doubt become a big name in children's television.
As Michael the Mouse charmed us into letting our guard down, luring us into a false sense of security, his friend Donald did something quite astonishing. I was dubious of Donald to begin with as he wasn't wearing any trousers and sported this look with the utmost confidence, almost as though he was completely unaware of his state of semi undress. But he confirmed my suspicions towards his maverick approach to children's entertainment when he referred to a duckling as a "Cute Mother F***er" (see video attached)
It has completely spoilt my weekend, and that's saying something because it is Wednesday. I played it back several times as I couldn't believe what was coming out of his bill, and can only conclude that he definitely says "Cute Mother *uck***." I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt due to his obvious speech impediment, I thought it may be possible that he was trying to say "Cute little Fella" but the tone of his voice is quite aggressive, the inflection in his words gives nuance to negative intentions that doesn't quite correlate with that choice of words, I mean, I personally haven't heard anyone say "Cute little fella" with quite as much vigour.
I stopped replaying the clip when my nephew started repeating it, I hadn't said what I thought Donald said out loud, so he certainly wasn't repeating me, but hearing a 2.5 year old boy repeating "Cute moth*r *ucker" after a cartoon duck is not my idea of fun.
Can you please furnish me with an explanation to this madness before my sister gets home and asks me why the apple of her eye is belting out profanities?
Kind Regards,
Kai Humphries

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