Friday, 16 December 2011

News for Dummies 16/12

Pussy cat whore and X-factor judge Nicole Shitsinger's car was held at gunpoint by masked mexican bandits during the filming of her latest video; luckily the police arrived in time and we will never have to recieve the joke text "Don't you wish your gitlfriend was shot like me" at least a million times!

1300 Primary schools could be shut because kids failed to reach the minimum standard in tests; well you don't learn jack in primary school anyway you play instruments that shouldn't exsist and do PE in your y-fronts, I learned all my maths from the ice cream van and I'm yet to learn English. Primary school is just a swap shop for football stickers right?

1 in 4 girls have sex under age; WITH PRIESTS!!!..... only joking........ THAT'S BOYS!!!

Well I'm going to have to pull out early and leave you to finish yourself off, my mate is outside tooting the horn and I've gotta go start running around for Sunday's "Punch-Drunk Comedy" gig at Concordia... which I assume you're all coming to!!

Want more info: Click HERE bitches!!

That tickled you didn't it!!!...... RACIST!!!

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