Thursday, 19 January 2012

News for Dummies 19/1/12

A yob who kicked a man unconscious for stopping his gang from tipping bins cheered as he left court, walking free because of our soft justice system; why don't we employ our own justice system, here he is, this is what he looks like, lets every one of us vow to spit on, throw coffee in the face of, stab, wedgie or karate chop in the neck this vile prick if we pass him in the street.....

Daniel Chrapkowski, let's do him!

Like seriously lets all do it, retweet this blog so they both get the hits they deserve. I just hope I haven't started an accidental lynch mob on Vernon Kay

Figures show the metropolitan police spent £35,000 on 110,000 calls to the talking clock over the past 2 years; On police chief said "A lot of my constables need to know the time, but not on my watch"

A contestant yesterday spelt out the word WANKER on countdown when he was faced with the letters R, A, E, P, K, W, E, A and N; What a fool for 8 letters he could have had RAPEWANK

rapewank |rāpwaNGk|Brit. vulgar slang
verb [ no obj. ](typically of a man) the crime of masturbating another person without their consent.

    Kerry Katona is on the verge of filing bankruptcy as she has to raise £70'000 for her tax bill by the end of the month;  With a tax bill that high quick maths tells me she earned half a mil last year??? That's like a penny for every STD she contracted, I've got an idea for a reality TV show to help her raise the money, lube her up and throw her in Dartmoor prison.
I'm only joking........ don't lube her up.
I'm only joking...... lube her up with aids blood.

   Wikipedia went down yesterday as the website protested against American laws; but since we as a population have outsourced our memories to the site we spent the day walking into walls and pissing in the fridge. Fuck if google went down we'd just sit and drool smeared in our own faecal matter while banging a plastic beaker of our heads... well it would either be that or use yahoo.  
Not one professional footballer out of 5000 in britain is openly homosexual...... oh come on:

And if the other two weren't obvious... deny this one!!


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