Tuesday, 27 September 2011

News for Dummies 27/9

A prison van travelled 96 miles to take a convict just 50 yards; the van driver says the ordeal was ridiculous, he can't believe the justice system stooped to this and made his wife hold the map, the depot was only at the other end of town.

Dr Conrad Murry who faces trial for the death of Micheal Jackson will have to go up against a Jury that consists mainly of Micheal Jackson fans; Gary Glitter has spoken of his disgust saying "Why could I not have had that Jury!?"

Men who have kids are less likely to die of heart disease; possibly because they have a perfectly matched organ Donor.

The Expert who was called in to investigate the death of Princess Dianna has been called upon to probe the saline drip murders in Stepping Hill hospital; Casting my suspicions to think it must be the Queen who is murdering all the patients and they need to cover it up.

A speeding summons issued to Adolf Hitler has been found in a German archive; it's not like him to endorse speeding after all he dedicated his life to eliminating races.

66% of kids cringe when their parents say "innit" what the survey failed to mention is that the parents are pointing towards the sex dungeon.

South African Grill fan Vito Polera BBQ'd 75kg of meat over 36 hours to beat a world record; only to have his record smashed this morning by Michelle McManus sunbathing in her garden. (she has the word anus in her name lol)

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