Friday, 9 September 2011

News for Dummies 9/9

How strange this is blog #99 and the date is 9/9.... I might go buy myself a Mr whippy with a flake in it and listen to some Jay-Z!!

Dior fashion designer John Galliano who is worth £20m was fined just 88p for his racist rants towards Jews; But the Jewish community took this 88p invested it in stocks, allowed them to mature, sold them and bought a race-horse, put all the winnings into gold and have now opened a bank. I feel like I can mock because the worst that can happen is they'll sting me for a quid!

Yes, they're definitely shrewd!!

An extra was paid £300 to be James Buckley's cock double in the recent Inbetweeners movie; but he feels like he has been short changed after seeing how much Jedward rake in for being identical bell-ends!

Our schools lag behind those of Iran in the teaching of Science and Maths; but to be fair they are a lot more interesting to learn in that county: Q1. If you threw a rock weighing 2kg from 4.5 meters away at an angle of 45 degrees and with a force of 2 newtons (KG-m/s2) could you hit a 1.6m tall woman in the face?

A probe was launched yesterday to decide whether Scottish and Welsh MP's should be able to vote on laws that only affect England; I still have no idea how we are going to work this out from space!

After being snubbed by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for over 4 years Britain look to build bridges with Russia; thus far the Polish have built all of our bridges.

Prince Charles fears for the future of mankind; he's just worried because he married a bit of a slag back in the day there is a strong possibility someone else's kids could rule his country.

A good Samaritan who rescued pregnant Amanda Holden from her car crash said he was terrified for her babies safety when he saw the shunt.... he definitely said Shunt!

No-one has a job in over a third of Liverpool's house-holds; this is because usually a third of people would work at McDonalds restaurants but Scousers can't pronounce any of their meals! "McHHHChickHHHen sandwich, SixHHH McHHHChickHHHen NugHHets and a CHHHrunchy McHHHFlurry" leaving the guy making the order covered in spit!

And Thats How for Now!!!! see ya Monday el cuntos!

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