Monday, 13 June 2011

News for Dummies 13/6

Two politicians from opposing parties who were jailed for fiddling expenses are sharing the same cell in jail; I'm sure they'll get along just fine as two other politicians from opposing parties are sharing the job of prime minister. All the men involved are fucking the country as well as each other!

100 convicted terrorists will be released from jail in time for the 2012 Olympics, for fuck suck why don't we let 100 peado's out in time for sports-day while we're on.

A juror is being charged with contempt of court after contacting the defendant of the multi-million pound drug trial.... via facebook;  Or is this facebook rape at its finest, is the Juror regretting changing their sisters status to "loves donkey cock"

This Wednesday night during a lunar eclipse we will get to see a very rare occurrence when the moon appears red in the night sky; BASTARD!! I was hoping it would turn blue so I could get a blowjob!!

Traffic ground to a halt as cops rounded up a run-away pig that had wandered onto the A14; A spokes person said: "he was supposed to be doing paperwork"

On Saturday a 5000 strong "Slutwalk" took place seeing half dressed women march in protest through the streets of London; On Friday 100 rapists were released from prison.

Police are hunting a man with one arm in America who held up a bank!! Ahhhhaaaaa they better dub him "The One Armed Bandit"

DNA rape files to be axed; It just wasn't as good as X-files.

Same time tomorrow??

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