Tuesday, 14 June 2011

News for Dummies 14/6

Owner of lesbian blog site LezGetReal isn't the lesbian Paula Brooks everyone on the site knows and loves but in fact is a male air force veteran called Bill; Well I might as well come out with it I, the creator of this blog, am not Kai Humphries delinquent working class drop-out. I am in fact a well educated upper-class heir from Kensington called Hugh and my specialties are spelling, grammar and political correctness! That's a weight off my shoulders.

Real lesbians and other fake lesbians on LezGetReal are all devastated to find out they've been wanking over a man.

A Rabbit with no ears has been born near Fukushima nuclear plant. Yes!! This is the start of us getting some cool as fuck animals, the Rabbit looks like a mini polar bear. I love Japan they just go "Fuck this  3d bullshit we're just gonna make real life Pokemon!"

"They Fuuuuucked up!!!"

Dalai Lama calls Australia’s female Prime Minister a "He" twice; This is great work by his PR team because when he saw the Prime Minister was a girl he actually burst out laughing "Hehe.." they just made it look like a slur.

A family hid their dead mother so they could get her benifits; but after 6 months they realised the benifits such as breakfast in bed, packed lunches being made and pijama's on the radiator had all stopped they give up on the idea.

Tough new checks on sex offenders will be unveiled today; but god knows why we have to put them in kilts they're not ALL Scottish.

A female cyclist hit a kerb and was catapult 30 foot over a bridge into water; The only thing she hurt was her ego but she covered this up well as she pretended she meant to do it and proceeded to do a triathlon.

Daughter to undergo transplant of her mums womb; does this mean she will birth her own brother/sister?? That's kind of weird but if you're keeping her in the house you might as well reap the benefits.

Edinburgh and Aberdeen are amongst the Europe's most congested cities; They should try Sinex nasal spray, it works a treat.

Duke Nukem is back after 12 years sending retro gamers crazy; But gamers in Christchurch New Zealand insist they prefer Quake!

right that's enough everyone, nothing else to see here. Get back to Lobstertube!!


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