Wednesday, 1 June 2011

News for Dummies 1/6

4 abusive care workers have been arrested after Panorama TV show exposes them…. Surely this should have been done a long time ago, did everyone just watch/record the abuse then sit back and let them go ahead with it while waiting for the editing and broadcast of the show?? What’s a little more abuse in the name of entertainment!? FFS
Syrian boy’s death fuels protest! They are using dead bodies as fuel over there now, something needs to be done.
A senior Egyptian General admits virginity checks were conducted on female protesters (By seeing if they were faster runners than their dads?) They didn’t need to conduct physical checks on the males they just found out if they had a World of Warcraft account and/or a Dr.Who box set.
E-coli outbreak linked to contaminated vegetables; I blame their carers!
South Korea’s forces use pictures of Kim Jong Il for target practice; That’s funny, I’ve just used a picture of Kim Kardashian as target practice, got her right in the face from half way across the bed!
Half of retirees have nothing to pass on as inheritance; The other half get regular visitation and support from their relatives.

British website given 1 year to comply with new laws on cookies leaving some people distraught ===>>

A Scottish Grandmother has been arrested for illegal downloading; Ann Muir, 39, said the great-grandchildren are on the way and wanted to make sure they had every Child’s Play and Freddy film to get the best start in life.
Medical experts say the link between cancer and mobile phones is very weak; This is probably because you get fuck all reception from a smart-phone, there are times I’d accept my cells being viciously attacked for that extra bar of signal.
Can anyone remember Rude Dog and the Dweebs? Great Cartoon!

I'm sticking with Times New Freaking Roman.... If anyone has a problem with this you should probably kill yourself.... Karen!! :o)

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